“WE The People” Are Losing Our Fundamental Right of Protection – The Last Line of Defense

Patriots can’t keep up with it all… but when you get a head’s up by like minded individuals, i.e. the TEA Party on TAX Day, one learns about local conditions such as this… Constable Cutbacks in Saline County. Laws be damned, anyone in authority up to and including the Usurper of The United States of America, just makes wild decisions without the people’s consent and institutes same. These harbingers of edicts are simply power whores!

On Tuesday I also spoke with my own constable, who is up for re-election, and he will be one of the only two remaining. This means that there will be only one for each side of the interstate and that’s that. One man is presuming to apportion what he feels is necessary, not what the people elect to represent them. It is interesting that it happened on the heels of the knowledge that our Sheriffs in The United States of America are under attack by various factions of this warped Usurper’s administration.

By all accounts, it appears that our most visible, viable, local, and most powerful legal forces are under attack by multiple levels to kneecap the populace’s fundamental right of protection and our last line of defense.

Get involved and see how you can make a difference… it’s never too late! When you need them, will law enforcement officers be there? Not if politicians have their way!

Support Your Local Sheriff

Uploaded by on Apr 4, 2011

Support Your Local Sheriff -Trailer,James Garner


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