Who Will Rock the Vote in November?

WE The American People, that’s who!

Among us will be…

Former Auto Dealership owners and their employees who lost all during political preferential pickings in ‘Cash for Clunkers’.
Homeowners who had to walk away from their life’s work or have watched their major investment horribly depreciate.
2nd Amendment Advocates.
Grocery shoppers.
TEA Partiers.
God-fearing people.
Former employees of companies that have gone overseas.
Social Security recipients.
Car owners who have endured sky-high gas prices.
Recent college graduates with no job opportunities.
Victims of TSA gropings.
Owners of 401Ks that have lost untold retirement savings.
Bible Thumpers.
Small business owners who will make a major investment with their vote.
Truck drivers who have endured outrageous new laws and sky-high gas prices.
Gulf Coast residents who were put on ignore during the BP oil spill.
Former NASA employees and affiliated firms.
The unemployed and the underemployed who have time on their hands and have been paying attention.
Stay at home moms.
Gun owners.
Formerly employed from defunct ‘green scam corporations’.
Anti-Sharia proponents.
Chevy Volt Owners.
People who want truth in government.
Registered voters with ID.
Teleprompter haters.
Golf haters.
Believers of the sanctity of marriage.
Anti Occupy, ACORN, Moveon, Unions & all the other ilk of Liberal organizations and/or George Soros funding.
Commie haters.
Gitmo supporters.
Tzar, Tzarina, Czar, Czarina haters.
Anti-Black Panther proponents.
Haters of Marxism.
Freedom Lovers.
Smart Meter recipients.
Main Stream Media haters.
Breitbart Mourners.
Limbaugh Supporters.
Beck Watchers.
National and State Park patrons.
Every race, creed, color, and sex.
Liar haters.
The sick of Scandals.
American natural born citizens.
Medical staffs of doctors, nursers & specialists who have retired or changed careers due to O’drama’s Obamacare.
The clergy.
Manufacturers of pipeline for Keystone sitting on inventory and laying off workers.
Common sense individuals who see the corruption in DC.
Military families.
Coal Miners.
Baby Boomers.
Bloggers the true media and factual news source.
The majority of Americans who are sick and tired of the first, and only, affirmative action usurper Obama.

Add your own thoughts below in comments. I’ll report on them on next Tuesday’s show. I bet that I have missed quite a few.


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