Daily Archives: April 30, 2012

The Lawbreaking Never Stops with OWS – Little Rock Occupy Member Gets Citation

How uniform the Occupiers are! One can always count on someone within the rank stank to break at least one law. Here today in Little Rock, the offender was Greg Deckelman, who was previously detailed in Unmasking Occupy Little Rock PR Leaders as the .0001%, can’t discuss law abiding, when he can’t do it himself on a regular basis.

“I walked across the cross walk and the officer stopped me and pulled me aside and gave me a citation for obstructing the passageway.”

Even though there is no identification of the whiner in the Arkansas Online entry, one source has the picture evidence and another source provided the confession.

this was not the first time Deckelman had been observed obstructing in this same place. THICK! With a total of 14 members and 1 breaks the law, the percentage of problems with the law-breaking OWS is just about the national average. Thugs, Mugs & Slugs… their families must be so proud… NOT!