Common Crooks at ICE or INS Under DemocRAT Administrations

Under this USURPER’S FAUX Administration and most recently…

May 1, 2012 Top ICE figure pleads guilty in brazen, $600G scam
March 23, 2012 Top Texas Immigration Official Resigns Amid Allegations Cash Stolen from Undocumented Immigrants

Under Bill “Slick Willy” “Define the word IS” Clinton’s Frolicking, or IS it the Frau-licking, Administration

From the last century’s INS illegal activities where so many sought to correct this injustice for years that is a never ending saga

Rep. Honda Introduces Bill Supporting Korean Victims
and Victims of Green Card Scam in 1990s Being Deported
and Lawmakers Seek Federal Help for Immigrants in Green Card Fraud

Unfortunately, Sunny is one of the 275 and has since been deported. Her American-born husband Mark immediately joined her in Seoul and the details of her story were relayed last night by Mark’s Mother detailed here at The Flip Side of Immigration and an Ensuing Nightmare.


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