Only Dozens of Teacher Union Members & Occupy Little Rock Show Up for a RALLY?

Don’t worry union teachers Occupy has your back… or not!

Comrades in arms or not! Didn’t get the signals straight? They said they were coming… well at least 4 liked it, hmm?

Laughing on the outside at the cluster of nothingness. Couldn’t even manage to gain support from any parents or students… that’s truly sad and btw ‘dozens’ means less than 50 in ‘journal speak’. It appears that the public at large is not behind these union or occupier tools in Arkansas or anywhere else. Now go on, move along, and get a life. You have all currently screwed up the ones that you were given.

The lid’s off the directives with this video as no one supports either group by the sheer, dare I say transparent, weak attendance. Go ahead and continue to fester in self-sequester.



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