Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

What’s Really Up With This Bag?


I won’t be donating, as the sponsors turn my stomach, and some are directly in the SACK with Occupy. Will these collections end up with those beggars? I donate ONLY to worthy causes with a tried and true record and with service to the community. But let’s take a look at some of these sponsors below and what actions have had a caustic affect on communities across the nation and around the world recently:

AARP shilled for Obamacare.
AFL-CIO Trumka and Occupy together.
Trumka and Obama together.
Campbell’s issues Halal-Certified Foods. As such I no longer purchase any Campbell’s or affiliates’ products. Gitmo trial prisoners are what?
United States Post Office delivered for free yet its status appears to be broke as declared on an AFL-CIO page by Terry Grant, Ohio Postal Workers Union President. How many post offices have been closed or plan to and they want a 5 day delivery work week… puh-leez! Union whine time.

What a pattern!

By the way, who printed these paper bags up and at what cost? What did the sponsors pay to get their Logo on it for the purposes of advertising (which to be sure, will be used as a corporate/business tax deduction)? Now wouldn’t it have made more sense and greater publicity for those organizations to have cut a check directly to said ‘charitable facility’? hmm?

Why were these bags not made from recycled materials, yet touts RECYCLABLE?

Not a total loss though, I have an extra garbage bag for free.