Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

Occupy Little Rock Can Not Evolve Past ‘FOOL STAGE’

Same status, different day…

When the latest attempt to agitate Little Rock officials failed, once again insanity ensues as one of their ‘leaders’ begs for a Round 2 call-a-thon…

Children learn to behave better and more quickly… than Occupiers, who take 6+ months, and still can’t straighten up and find a life. Get shaved, take a bath, and look for a job… the women too! What part of an eviction, with ample notice, do you not understand?


Who Paid for the Full-Sized Color Cardboard Cutout and Poster at USPS?

This question follows up yesterday’s blog entry What’s Really Up With This Bag? after visiting the local post office and viewing this full-sized colorful freestanding cardboard cutout

and this poster that adorns a mail cart?

With the United States Postal Service showing huge losses and in need of taxpayers’ dollars, this donation cycle takes on a whole new meaning of waste.

Occupy Little Rock Could Not Raise A Ruckus!

For over 6 months Little Rock Occupiers have whined, they have begged, and yesterday they totally failed to create a huge ruckus at Little Rock city offices with a countrywide telephone call in. Occupy Arkansas tried to enlist help, but as with all things Occupy, it was an EPIC FAIL!

Even other Occupy splinter groups are too lazy to press buttons on a phone to show a modicum of support. Slugs, Mugs, and Thugs! Get Packing Occupy Little Rock, your digs are done come May the 16th. Good riddance to bad rubbish!