Occupy Has A ‘No Confidence’ Image

While surfing all things that the ominous Occupiers are up to like attempting to blow up a bridge in Ohio, merging with other groups and co-opting protests (that have nothing to do with Wall Street) to pad a presence, to the list of crimes committed and arrests made... when a kernel of truth pops out from an insider:

Sasha Wiley succinctly details the inner turmoil within just one Occupy group in her opinion pieceThe importance of dealing with Occupy’s misogyny problem“. 

I also see that here in Occupy Little Rock and saw this at Occupy Seattle this past winter. Unfortunately, I am sure Sasha’s words will fall on deaf ears at any Occupy encroachment because the Occupiers do not each recognize their own conundrum. They are stuck, not in the middle, but at the low end of the pole and can not seem to advance past personal objectives and 15 minutes of flame.


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