God Help Us All When the Last Baby Boomer Retires

Follow along with me here…

Yesterday I called all of my utility and service providers, as I finalize the last bits of moving chores, to give them a full 2 weeks notice as to when they are to turn off the services. Initial results:

1 wanted me to drive in & show ID that I requested this shutoff due to ‘fraudulent turnoff orders’… hmm? What? Nope, I don’t think so, as I have more important issues so… email & that’s all they got. I verified their receipt of same by requesting an email verification back. Easy Peasy!

1 wanted to clarify my mail forwarding, acting as if something shady was going on, when we have a huge credit and refund due. Not only did I have to point that out, I had to explain how to add the address in their computer notes and reference to it. Geesh!

1 made the mistake of turning off the service today instead of 2 weeks from now. Guess who made a cranky phone call! Service back on in 20 minutes, Ta-da!

If this is the foreshadowing of the capabilities, comprehension, and responsibilities of the next generation then the youngsters and Baby Boomers are SO screwed!


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