Good Bye Arkansas

And I’m out of here for a while…

I’m on my way to the Great Northwest. Beginning tomorrow, you can find me here at EYES IN THE NORTHWEST. I love a challenge so watch out Libs, I’ll be watching you! I imagine bountiful blog entries to come.

And a final note to Senator Mark Pryor, I won’t forget to write about you if /when you attempt a re-election bid. I have gathered a lot of material and it won’t be at all flattering!

I’ll be back, it might just be a bit instead of a minute! (In Arkansas Speak)

Miss you all, already!


3 responses to “Good Bye Arkansas

    Did you realize that electric companies that use a SMART METER system can turn off electric power to all of their customers with a flick of a switch?
    This is too much power in the hands of one company.

  2. The Mad Jewess

    COME TO AZ!!

    • That’s going to be in a few years. We came up to Washington for the twin grandchildren 🙂 How have you been? I saw they gave you some grief on here… bet they are Libs on roids. btw I built a new blog for the digs… same shakings as before but now from the northern quadrant of the country.

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