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Just a reminder that I have moved over to the new site but my Patriot work remains the same.

Eyes In The Northwest

Listen and learn asDavid Gewirtz visited with us today on Uncommon Knowledge. He provided great information and tips on cyber security for the entire 2 hour broadcast. What a Patriot!

Uncommon Knowledge 06/26 by PatriotResistance | Blog Talk Radio.

David is the Founder of ZATZ Publishing, Director at U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute and a Distinguished Lecturer, CBS Interactive. He is also the author of How To Save Jobs and Where Have All The Emails Gone?

Recent video

Published on Mar 9, 2012 by DavidGewirtzTV

A reader, currently serving in Afghanistan, wrote in asking about how to find a job in cybersecurity or cyberwarfare after his enlistment ends. ZDNet Government’s David Gewirtz provides an overview. In the video, David mentions a forensic interview, and here’s the URL for that: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/government/pace-university-forensics-expert-on-chin…

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