Every once in a while I will toss back another link to my new site’s articles…

Eyes In The Northwest

Arlen Williams of Gulag Bound stopped by and visited the entire 2 hours (How Gallant!) with Denise and I on various subjects last night including the new revelations of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse! Who knew that there was a remaining ‘eye witness’ to proper procedures and direct oversight of Hawaiian Birth Certificates from that particular place and from that particular time period? And… as Sheriff Joe confirms… The United States of America has a National Security Threat.

Arlen further engaged in a round table discussion of Agenda 21 with details not normally disclosed in the LAME STREAM MEDIA aka THE Usurper’s Presstitutes. He also provided American Patriots with another upcoming resource in theSovereignty Campaign.

Listen in for an entire 2 hour awakening…

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