It’s actually well past time for this, yet since I have recently moved to another state, I must start the process once again. Patriots, are you with me on this?

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There are many checks and balances that were placed on ignore during the last Presidential election. Americans can not afford to let anything slide through, unquestioned, ever again. True vetting never occurred with the Usurper. This is treasonous.Nancy Pelosi enabled a free pass. This is traitorous. 49 States received 1 certificate and Hawaii received a different version so that the Usurper could be positioned on the ballot. This is conspiratorial, treasonous, and traitorous. A majority of Americans voted for an Usurper, through no fault of their own, on November 4, 2008. Look at this shoddy interpretation supplied to Arkansas by the Democratic Party of Arkansas via a screen capture of JB Williams’ extensive research:

Next check is the Board of Electors or the U.S. Electoral College, and I will endeavor to stress its importance below as a treasonous conspiracy, through no fault of their own, also occurred.

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    There can not be enough checks and balances by “We The People” during these dark days of the Usurper’s administration!

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