Every American should search their hearts and their minds before placing a vote in November!

Eyes In The Northwest

Choices? Not Really! There are just predictable patterns and paths upon which to base casting your vote come November!

If there is no difference between the two candidates (Obama the USURPER and Mitt Romney the potential next Bogus POTUS), then as custodian of your own vote and manager of same, what should you do as an American?

Note that there is also no breakaway, nor viable, third party candidate at this late stage of the election season.

We have seen the faux Obama presidency and there has been no progress. In fact every aspect of the USA is currently running regressive to a recession/depression. Obama has accomplished nothingof real worth in his lifetime or by currently tooling the planet. May Obamabe under nothing more than an asterisk with a footnote in future history booksdetailing his arrest with numerous conspirators (both Republican and Democrat)…

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