Is the handwriting on the wall?

Eyes In The Northwest

Is there any doubt that any form of integrity in the lame stream media has evaporated. Prime time slime award for Fareed Zakaria…

and his weak Twitter whimper

Agendas: money, skating by, parties, goose-stepping, seat warming, pre approved WH script reading, turn of 15 minutes of fame and/or flame,  covering up for Obama the USURPER, ridiculing truth, hatred of Americans, disparaging the well-behaved and well-informed TEA Party vs overtly supporting the criminal OWS movement with WH blessings, promotion due to affirmative action or political donations/affiliations, Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, Lefty Lunacy, Agenda 21 … need I go on?

Another one finally gets caught/steps down/clowns. FIRE HIM —- EVERYWHERE! There is no credibility to be seen with Fareed Zakaria!

And here, just this past week, I have been trying to notify “WE THE PEOPLE” of news councils via the piece John Hamer of the Washington News Council Visits Uncommon Knowledge and that…

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