Isn’t this the opposite of moving forward? 🙂

Eyes In The Northwest

… the Bank of America Stadiuminto the artificially staged production of ‘The Biggest Loser’.

Following along the lines of the Usurper’smodus operandi,  the DemocRATS excuse and move the BoA Stadium acceptance speech by Obamaon Thursday night. It has now been downsized it to a mini ‘lie-fest’ at the Time Warner Cable Arena which has an extremely weak seating capacity for such an event

“… because of concerns about severe weather …”

I am not buying what they are shilling. I believe that there is not enough interest,  that there is not enoughDemocRATiccash as the campaign has spent more than taken in(hmm… just like their furious leader, Obama, who has overspent America into a $16 Trillion Debt) to ‘bribe’ local and out-of-state churches, schools, and retirement homes into providing the warm bodies as filler, and/or that they

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