Watch what they do, not what they say!

Eyes In The Northwest

The USURPER’S touch is so transparent!

U.S.-Business-Mission-to-Egypt-–-Corporate-Participants List aka Obama’s radical by design ‘rogues’ gallery’. What did they really do while they were there?

Since the view counts, on the video that so ‘disturbed’ Muslims into attacking U.S. Embassies yesterday, were pitifully low (even many hours later); these events had to be inspired or conspiredto occur. Now just what would they be distracting from… hmm?

Remember there is nothing coincidental about any of this, even as the Embassy in Cairodeletes tweets, and will no doubt be deleting yesterday’s screen-captured press release

Patriots initially got caught off-guard in the early days of the USURPER’S residencyof our White House, with various sites’ scrubbing on the internet… but no more. One way or another it is there for posterity! 

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