Eyes In The Northwest

Children and Adults of and in the Future, pay heed to our warnings on Agenda 21. After last night’s show and blog with Michael Shaw, I received a timely email from my mother within a select group of several others…

How things have changed… took me two minutes to find the article 10 years ago or so, I spent days looking only to find I wasn’t allowed entry… Do you think a different perfume made the difference?  lolol
Read at your peril… Does anybody see a parallel in today’s universe?
WWW.Biomedsearch.com   look for John Be Calhoun…under Rodent Experience and their cultural  influence.
Read the original article in the fifties… and so, it has come to pass…
hugs and love … meems, mom, paujean

So, also in timely fashion I sent out an email to my buds…

This is the scary tactic/research from the 50s & 60s and what that…

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