Hey Arkansas, found a new process in voting while I am living up here… if you ever think that the state is getting corrupt at the polls, parties, etc… this might be a great plan to eliminate problems before they start. I will update after the election to see how it plays out.

Eyes In The Northwest

Mine was in the mailbox this morning!

Now I have some thoughts to offer on this process…

1) This is the very first time in my entire life, with over 8 election Presidential election cycles under my belt, that I have received a ballot in the mail.What ever happened to ELECTION DAY? But… this really does put a crimp in ineligible voters because you need a valid Washington State issued ID or Driver’s License to register to vote with a real and physical address.bwa ha ha

2) No one has to reveal their party of choice so in reality there is no trueBLUE state here. So don’t count your DemocRATic Liberal chickens before they are hatched!

3) For employers there can be no late employee excuses for arrivals or early departures on Election Day.

4) For the employed there is no added stress to get to the…

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