Eyes In The Northwest

Each Democratic POTUS repeatedly killed (through budget cuts or by purposeful endangerment) the American Military during their tenures in our Oval Office, whether they are/were legitimate candidates or foisted puppets.

Jimmy Carter hadTehran and its cover-up! NOTE: STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH PROBABLE HOSTAGE TAKER – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, leader, and the Islamic Republic of Iran 40+ years later!

Bill Clintonhad Mogadishu and its cover-up!NOTE: STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SOMALIA – Somali pirates pose another problem for Obamaover 10+ years later and present day with Are Somali Pirates Voting in Ohio?

Barack Obama (Usurper) has been currently involved with Benghazi and its cover-up! Note: If History teaches that it repeats itself, what will be the next event and who will be involved?

America, do you feel safer? NO? Well then… VOTE RIGHT!

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