Eyes In The Northwest

In 2012 I thought we could do no worse… I was wrong, we got the A$$HAT USURPER on a repeat performance!

I find solace in the fact that there is no expiration date for the arrest and imprisonment for the conspirators in the foisting of this Bogus POS POTUS upon America. They can resign, they can get voted out, they can retire, they can play multiple games of musical job changes… but they won’t be able to hide, deflect, excuse, beg their way out of the charges. (This MUST include the Lame Stream Media as accessories before, during, and after each manipulated election).

The United States of America has always had the perfect plan, the U.S. Constitution, and it will be used to prosecute these heinous officials. By the co-opting of ‘We The People’s’ 2012 vote, they have prolonged their revelry

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