Lt Col Robert “Buzz” Patterson, Author and Former POTUS Football Carrier, Stops By Uncommon Knowledge

Lieutenant Colonel Robert “Buzz” Patterson stopped by our internet radio show, Uncommon Knowledge (playback here), tonight. He spent an entire hour relaying his observations from firsthand experiences during the Clinton Administration as the ‘guardian of the football’ up to  the current USURPER’s administration. Denise queried Buzz on his current book and I was so elated just to ask him a few questions on one of his books that I thoroughly enjoyed a few years ago, Dereliction of Duty. Hey, I lived in Arkansas for 10 years, and after hearing all the dirt on the Clintons, I know that he keenly examined the infamous Bill & Hillary and nailed them to a T. Mr. Patterson was more than fair to them. I would strongly recommend any one of Buzz Patterson’s amazing books. WHAT an OFFICER, and a GENTLEMAN!

In the second hour Watchman Jeff of Operation-Guided-Light called in to the show from the road while leaving Kentucky in a semi truck and in transit to the New Jersey shore with gathered donations. If you have a few bucks extra to help them on the return trip in gas please go to the site. God Speed and God Bless!


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