Darn it, no Chick-fil-A up here! Hope you all had some down there today!

Eyes In The Northwest

Did you align yourself with what is right today? Look I don’t care which side of the issue anyone is on… but when the government over steps its authority by issuing crazy taxes, demanding how a business conducts itself regarding employee benefits/or totally exempting other businesses by granting random waivers, and ignores the populace… you have another tyrannical situation like King George the III.

The TEA Party moves in mysterious ways as we supported Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A where possible today. These quiet riots show more fervor, positive re-enforcement, and guts than DCcan manage/compromise on any given day. My Hobby Lobby was packed inside and out today!

This was no fluke either as the only other business in the shopping center was not the draw…


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