Eyes In The Northwest

It must be painfully obvious to the Liberal Socialistic base that Obama hid his college records because 1) he’s no academic and 2) was never a Constitutional lawyer. Liar yes, lawyer no!How else can he explain today’s “Court Throws Out Recess Picks”. Obama’s motion was not Constitutional!

And we all know that given the COB, that he provided for inspection and through his declared ‘father‘, he was never a ‘Natural Born Citizen’. This makes him a USURPER. Obama’s birth…whenever, wherever, whatever… through just the ‘document‘ provided, makes him ineligible to be POTUS. Therefore, Obama is not a Constitutionalpresident, but just a resident of our White House and the highest paid Section 8 recipient!

It’s starting to feel a bit like Al Capone… got him with what could be proven… circumventing one law to bring the whole thing down.

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