Eyes In The Northwest

Progressive Loons: “Policy Intervention” Needed to Protect Mice from Cats as simultaneously Brace Yourself for a Rat Infestation… EPA Bans D-Con. Gateway Pundit ran both stories today but, naturally, I wanted to put it all together to paint the picture.

Vermin, whether it be mice, rats, or prairie dogs, have had a history of carrying decimating diseases affecting humans:

1320s/1330s           – Bubonic Plague Breakout in China’s Gobi Desert
1348                             – The Black Death
October 2008       – Bubonic plague found in Four Corners area
July 2012                 –Oregon Man to Lose Fingers From Black Plague, ‘Lucky’ to Be Alivehmm?What if he had just let the cat eat it?
September 20127-year-old Colorado girl contracts “black death” bubonic plague

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it wasn’t just a creative poem or songit is…

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