Eyes In The Northwest

Rumors of war begin from within this faux government, staged events to agitate the masses have proven to be as phony as the USURPER, and Americans are sick of the BS.

The USURPER Resident
of Washington DC has his wildly idealistic uncivil army taking potshots solo (stagedor with a vendetta) upon the good people of America, wasted countless taxpayers’ dollars on staggered gangs of basement dwelling keyboard hacking commandos (aka outed paid social media trolls titled ‘Cyber-Warriors’ for Obama) to agitate a wide computer audience, and all while he, the Bogus POS POTUS, fancies himself “Pharaoh of the Internet” attacking The United States of America… remotely.

How soon will it be, before the drones start dropping illuminating and explosive packages?


The Good and Patriotic civilian army is secure… stores are empty of ammo and weapons. Purchases were made independently and individually. There…

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