Eyes In The Northwest

Very early this morning, and I’m talking the wee hours somewhere around 4:45 am PST, we were in transit from Pendleton Oregon and heading northwest back to Washington state…

What appeared to be a shooting star was traveling rapidly, no sound or light burst explosion, and it just seemed to burn out, hmm? Normally not a surprising event however it has followed on the heels of some unique space events. This ‘shooting star’ appeared to travel in at a slight angle, moving from southeast to northwest through the atmosphere but at a extremely low altitude before ‘disintegrating’?

I’m sure many people were still in bed and were not aware of this and other reported celestial sprinklings. This was not the biggest event… as Earth has apparently had several… in the last few days. We know that an asteroid passed close to our planet, Russia had a meteorite blast, and then…

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