Eyes In The Northwest

Just got to love it, when a team of lawyers in Washington DC provides a document in pdf form titledSEQUESTRATION CHEAT SHEET

Note that this same ‘cheat sheet‘ also refers to any and all exempt programs via 2 USC § 905 – Exempt programs and activities from the Sequestration process of budget cuts. This is unique, as the Senate has not approved a budget in 4 years… therefore the process is cutting something from nothing!

So what’s with all the hub-bub?

It is plain for all to see that this is a minor budget cut that has the potential to eliminate just a small portion of waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement of the taxpayers’ dollars.

Though even in the hours of the deadline the Usurper attempts to scare the populace again with thoughts of chaos, job losses, etc… it’s a STALE FAIL!

The Sequestration Fail……

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