This is what I found outside of Arkansas, you all wouldn’t believe it!

Eyes In The Northwest

A research epiphany and 27 cents each at Walmart…

What are these? They are cute and colorfully decorated, baseball card-sized chocolate bars named Animal Kingdom, that strongly appeal to small children. What’s wrong with this, one might ask… just let me tell you…

Not only is Walmartdepleting normal inventory of ‘All-American‘ or ‘Made in America‘ items for shopping selection, they are in fact introducing/pushing on end caps (my local setup was in the meat department?un-AmericanNew Products’ . These various products include the above pictured Kras chocolate bars processed in Croatia from a company of manufacture named in honor of Josip Kraš (“…union leader and prominent Croatian communist…”), and carries on its labels notice that includes E322 a Halal approved ingredient. Whose agenda is this? And are these new items safe?

Letting the following screen…

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