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  1. Why are we receiving this check. I still work for dollar general. Will we have to pay this money back if we cash this check

    • This is because Dollar General was sued for a dodgey practice, the settlement is not paid thru Dollar General but by the legal team that won the court decision and with the fines Dollar General was ordered to pay. No you will not have to pay anyone back. It was a court issued award to us and not a bad check, huh?

  2. I was a manager at D.G for almost two years. I received my check on 3-8. I have to say, it was more than I expected but less than what was deserved. Especially when on the stub it shows where they owed me back pay for all the screwing they gave me.!

  3. not sure what evryone else got but i worked as a manager for 7 yrs and my check is pennies for the time i put in

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