Eyes In The Northwest

Jim Carrey Holds Major Public Meltdown on Twitter day after day… today’s tweets are reminiscent of a spoiled child holding a temper tantrum filibuster…although proper children would never use such language!


he feels guilty about making 99 cents off of the bodies of dead childrenwith every download of his childish and cheesy ‘hate’ production on Itunes, or that he’s working on a book for childrendealing with a metaphysical world ( The Wavehas been done before for children and it reveals the Liberal hate techniques) where he’ll be attempting to profit off of living children… hmm… Note: In his ‘story’ the wave’s name is to be Roland... like roll in or role in? His central life theme seems to be children and profiteering, whether they be living or dead. Now that is truly sick! Which action is the Publicity Stunt?


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