While Boston is on the Radar, Various Schools Across the Country Go on Lockdowns

Eyes In The Northwest

The current administration Can Not multi-task

What is going on with this? Is this a liberal tooling of America while everyone is distracted by Boston? Today, in no particular order and without corresponding details, some form of school lockdown today

Teays Valley West Middle School – Commercial Point, OH

Fairfield Middle School – Fairfield, IA

Lakeview Junior High School – Pickering OH

West Riviera Elementary – Palm Beach, FL

Tarrant County College – Arlington, TX

Citrus Elementary School – Ocoee, FL

Temple High School – Temple, TX

Cedar Grove Elementary – Kanawha County WV

Abbeville High School – Abbeville, AL

Whitworth-Buchanan & Buchanan Elementary – Murfreesboro, TN

International Studies Academy – San Francisco

Mescalero Apache (K-12) – New Mexico

Tenoroc High School – Lakeland, FL

Henry Wilson Elementary School – Manchester, NH

Carroll University – Waukesha, WI

Sibley Elementary School – Grand Rapids, MI

West Memphis (all schools)…

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