There is NO Crux… There Is Only the Crutch of the Problem

Eyes In The Northwest

Whine California Whine as theACLU sues Calif. educators to improve English language education for 20,000 students. Having what you want, and wanting what you have, has brought ugly chickens home to roost on broken eggs.

Aha! The time is nigh to

Eliminate Bi-Lingual Hiring
Ban Telemundo
Demand English as the National Language
Ban Bi-Lingual Products on Store Shelves
Cancel Welfare for any Non-English Speaking
Eliminate Interpreters
Seal the Borders

These are just a few examples of the numerous demonic democratic crutches that the linguistically handicapped have endured, and, what isolates them from the American Main Stream. No Free Passes to Freedom, Earn It!

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