IRS Blows Smokes Up Any Patriotic TEA Party ASSociation

Eyes In The Northwest

If the IRS was truly apologetic for profiling Americans, there would be a letter on its way to every taxpaying American’s mailbox.

I am, and always have been, an unpaidVolunteer self described Patriotic TEA Party Member and Blogger.

In fact this is my political affiliation as I am an Independent. So independent, in fact, I can be the solo member at a TEA Party event!


I am embarrassed by my Country’s leadership all the way down the line… to its organ grinder monkey’s tin cup collector of monies aka the IRS. And by the way… Where is the ACLU when Conservatives are harassed and injured?

There is no apology, there is only opportunity… for a class action lawsuit and/or treasonous charges due to taxation without any representation, by a biased government entity.

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