Was Hillary Lying with Spying Eyeware re: Benghazi?

Eyes In The Northwest

Finally the product information is coming out, we knew it was there… just a matter of time before the cat was let out of the bag…

Note Hillary’s ‘special glasses’ with a highly unusual horizontal/vertical fracturing (screening) of the right lens as viewed in close-up

Optometry may run in the family, but until one has knowledge that is in the public domain, all suspicions would appear to be only wild theories. The Wall Street Journal with the article Google Glass is Watching – Now What?has confirmed WHAT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Right now, Google Glass, which places a small computer screen above one eye and has a built in motion sensor, camera and microphones, acts like an extension of a person’s smartphone.

It lets the user take photos and record videos by touching the side of the device or speaking commands aloud, as well as allowing them to give…

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