Is Another Government Agency Lying to The American People?

Eyes In The Northwest

In Washington State, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has scheduledhearing/meeting dates in Pasco Washington. Touted for public discussion, will these hearings/meetings regarding the ‘endangered status’  of the White Bluffs Bladderpod detail that the Department of the Interior doc 2012-11100 (as early as page 3) item (9) divulges status is based upon the ‘junk science of climate change’ or

junk science

thatthis particular Bladderpod is not so endangered in Washington State or confined solely to Hanford unless it is a radioactive version… hmm?

There is also the Umtanum Desert Buckwheat, whose ‘endangered’ status is similarly claimed and a set hearing/meeting date appears to be muddled in the whole scheme of things.

For at least 18 years there has been no horrific change or shortage of the Umtanum Desert Buckwheat / Eriogonum Codium via the Burke Museum’s website records. It remains in the same locale to this…

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