Scholastic is Back at It with a ‘Common Core Touch’… #StopCommonCore

Eyes In The Northwest

On December 11, 2011 I wrote about Scholastic’s little sham inDo Not Feed the Beast That is Spoon Feeding Your Children Liberal Lies!

Well… Scholastic is growing its agenda further with embracing and touting Common Core…

Google knows


The front page of Scholastic’s Math 180 site


Looks innocent enough, but what does the message recessed into the blue and white gradient top banner display say?


And look… there’s a Common Core Tab… let’s see what it references…


Ah… the perversion of education continues with assistance from Scholastic!

Before school begins this fall remember

Don’t buyScholastic Books via school book lists sent home!

Don’t buyScholastic Books via Target!

Don’t buyScholastic Books via Amazon!

Don’t buy Scholastic Books via Walmart!

Don’t buy Scholastic Books via Ebay!

Do Not Buy Them Anywhere!

Parents and Grandparents, just say NO… there are many other books…

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