Political Correctness is a Recognition Tool of Elevation

Eyes In The Northwest

I will not cower, I will not change, I know what I know to be the truth!

It is God before Country… and the Liberal Tools think the South is backward? The inbreeding of the Liberal Progressives with designed and staged familiesis the worst case of arranged marriages on planet Earth.

The weak links produced have created an aversion by said families to call a ‘Spade a Spade’. First they are the ultimate liars and it goes downhill from there with payoffs, prostitutes and little boys for the men, and the women are wo-men (whoa men) in the political circusof today. They want to shout and tout their weaknesses to elevate their deceit, collusion, allusions, and perversions to a ‘political correction status‘.

It’s not an affliction of ‘We The People’, it is anaffection for and an infection of the Liberal Progressive Classless!

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