In Washington State It’s Another Monthly Land Grab via the Feds!

Eyes In The Northwest

WA spending $5M to protect rare plantsfor the 3rd time in consecutive months! What’s up with the scamming, or is it skimming, of the state lands by a Federal entity?


It has happened locally (also withinWashington State) with claims for 2 other supposed ‘rare and endangered plant’ species previously detailed inSoutheastern Washington State’s Own (Delta Smelt) Government Land Grab Attempt and Is Another Government Agency Lying to The American People? These 2 species are the Umtanum Desert Buckwheat and the White Bluffs Bladderpod.

Quite suddenly and simultaneously 3‘rare plant’ species are dwindling and discovered in the same state… puh-leeze!

Let’s just examine the latest announced monthlyrare plant casualty Astragalus sinuatus (Whited’s milkvetch 

Whited’s milkvetch is a critically endangered legume, restricted to Washington State, USA.

according to theKew Royal Botanic Gardens

This species is listed by the U.S. Fish and…

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