The Slag Heap That IS Washington DC

Eyes In The Northwest

The lies, the spies, the incestuous ties…

Originally when the USURPER’s circus started in 2009 the American people questioned statements made by the Executive Branch. Nothing ever seemed to ring true. From the forged vetting documents via Pelosi and other minions, to the jailing of Americans looking for facts on Passports or vetting, everyone knew – who was paying attention – that nothing jived.

Now since the circus of slag and slack stole the American people’s votes in 2012,daily… lies are exposed, conspiracies are revealed, and the real criminals of the nation are seat warming in Washington DC! WE THE PEOPLE KNOW and WE KNOW THAT YOU KNOW WE KNOW! So what’s it going to be? Will you treasonous traitorous bastards resign or are you awaiting arrests? It is well past time for the Mary Surratt treatment!

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