Put the USURPER & Agitators on Ignore!

Eyes In The Northwest

Every item the Liberal Pressitutes tout is a distraction!

The REAL focus for every red-blooded American should be

Fast and Furious
Land Grabs
Taxation without Authentication
Treasonous and Traitorous Un-American Activities
etc… ad infinitum

Our tools =The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

There are no substitutes – no matter how the Decept-duh-Cons of DC ignore.

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2 responses to “Put the USURPER & Agitators on Ignore!

  1. Bobby, I say we take 14 million people to Washington and shove him out like they did in Egypt.

    • It would be great but he runs like the punk that he is.. remember when the 912 March occurred… he flew out of DC… When Beck’s Hope occurred… he did it again. We need the military to stand up especially the Provost Marshall who has the power to arrest the Bogus POTUS.

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