Maryland’s Best Chance – Get on Board with Dan Bongino!

Eyes In The Northwest

How Politicians in the DC Bubble Manipulate
the American People.
For Immediate Release
July 22 , 2013
Contact: Karla Graham
(410) 924-4577 or

I have been torn over this but I feel, given the current circumstances, the need to speak out. Although I will never share privileged information or violate the oath I took to serve as a Secret Service agent, I must describe to you the inner workings of the DC “Bubble” to demonstrate how you are being manipulated.

This administration is sadly using the tragic events in Florida in a coordinated effort to ensure continued division, rather than the desperately needed sense of unity. The 2014 election cycle headwinds are blowing strongly against the administration’s policies on the economic, healthcare, and education fronts and they are eager to change the conversation. Every administration plays politics, but this one has taken politics, and the building of “Division-Capital,”…

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