Tri-Cities Come On! Vote Right!

Working it through up here, hoping all is well in Arkansas 🙂

Eyes In The Northwest

The primary is August 6th! Where are those ballots?

Have you reviewed the candidates and/or the issues?

Will you blindly permit the Liberal Lunatic fantasies to continually march over the Cascades eastward to distort local lifestyles and lives forever?

As of tonight the count of returned ballots stalls with only 4% in with 2 weeks to go

which bodes poorly… and a prediction of a 40% turnout

is a travesty in the making.

If you don’t vote, nothing changes for the better, and in fact nationwide it has proven to be detrimental! 5 YEARS WORTH!

If you don’t use it, you will lose it… the right to vote and this Republic!

VOTE NOW as if, you and yours, lives depend on it – because it does!

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