The NAACP Goes Racist on Masked Rodeo Clown and Others

Eyes In The Northwest

Just a head’s up NAACP...

When your logo



“…for the advancement of colored people…”

you have pretty much pigeon-holed the entire group into one race baiting hate group against all other races.

Maybe the organization is outdated as it is over a hundred years old and seems to be in the business of menacing, obligatory, selective retaliations against the smallest component of humanity… the individual… i.e. George Zimmerman, Paula Dean, Tuffy Gessling, and Sheriff Mike Scott in just the last couple of months.

Tis terribly offensive to see hoodies worn as a continual ‘hate threat’ like Spike Lee’s little magazine cover; so un-Civil-like War-mongering!

And for the record, I am not a racist, I am pointing out the facts. And just for good measure… I have never owned or known a slave, nor has my family. So if you are not a slave… ding, ding… you a free…

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