Kennewick General Hospital Labor Union Has Some Nerve

Eyes In The Northwest

In the Tri-Cities of Washington State… in the city of Kennewick… in the bubble of self-absorption union whiners abound

Kennewick General Hospital labor union petitioning for community support

My comment on the arrogant idiocy of union buffoons and goons

Hmm? Why don’t you all just wait for Obamacare to kick in and see how you the staff or we the patients are treated? Unions wanted it, so wrap yourselves up in it. You and your thug brethren own it!

And just for good measure

Bust a Union, Save America
. If you want to decertify your union go here – How To Decertify Your Unionand Get Out while you can!

You embarrass yourselves and your ‘profession’!

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