When Will Good, Pleasant, and Happy News Become the Norm?

Eyes In The Northwest

I am so fricking tired of the twaddle from the Lame Stream Media Presstitutes and the entire Bogus POS POTUS and Usurper’s administration.

These lunatic leftiesare the very bearers of bad news and lies; the source of allrace-baiting hate fests and insinuations that have always been proven to be staged acts of rage!

Where is the outrage on murdering packs of black youths, or radical Islamic terrorists being treated with kid gloves, or the waste/fraud/abuse of welfare recipients and tax cheats?

Skewed gutter values are elevated under this ‘extremist regime’ with no end in sight.

For Historical Record:Moral decay was thrown upon the USA in 2008 and is in full swing yet in the late summer of 2013. Will update conditions for historians of the future as is possible.

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