How the USURPER & His Minions Wussified the U. S. Military

Eyes In The Northwest

Events like this…

USS Shoup Command Master Chief Relieved

Just over 70 years later, this is not a Gen. Patton slap!

and events like this…

Obama Signs “Mateys in Waiting, Maryanns, Error Forced, Amys & Accosted Guard” Bill

and this

What Kind of U.S. Military is Obama Running… or Running Into the Ground?

Just because a majority of politicians in DC are gay, bi-sexual, or lesbiansdoes not mean the rest of the country, nor our military, is or supports same!

and this

Obama’s Communion, Publicity Stunt or Purposeful Annoyance to Islam?

and this

Obama To Force Chaplains To Perform Gay Marriages

Why, at this time in history, would the USURPER attackour military every which way possible? Because designed chaos is what Obama desires!He fills up the service branches with who the Islamic terroristsdespise and murder, and gives the enemy added features to kill for!



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