Now What About Rap Lyrics & Singing Same in Public?

Eyes In The Northwest

If the NY case puts N-word use among blacks on trial, then when will policing begin on the monotonous use of the term in rap songs and performances?

Changing the suffix from -er to the feminine Latin (old world Roman) inspired -a to the word ‘Nigga’ does not diminish or excuse the implied intent of this in song or as a “sentence enhancer“. Now the courts can begin to clean up the use of sub par English in America like Lil Wayne’s song and lyrics with voluminous toxic verbiage incorporated.

Rap has become an assault on the ears in parking lots, parks, and driving down the road with open windows during the past several summers nationwide. This vile language with music added is often cranked to obscene levels in its listeners’ cars violating other Americans’ rights and peaceful enjoyment. I say to the New York…

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