How and Where Are Obamacare Monies Being Spent?

Eyes In The Northwest

Logically if a new program is financed, adding that new tax which is supposedly applicable to all Americans… how and where are those funds being spent?

Still looking logically, and now surmising… who is covered, permanently or provisionally, with health care / benefits/ insurance at this very moment in time?

Union workers and families with fully paid dues, offset by employer payments.

The Military and their families, active duty, retired, and reserve when activated.

Civilian working families purchasing, provided, or splitting insurance costs with their employers. Policies include their children until the age of 26.

Social Security recipients due to age or loss of spouse and those minor children of said families.

The Disabled and their families.

Welfare families, on or off unemployment, or those who never intended to work but only to procreate on the backs of the taxpayers and their progeny.

Federal, State, County, and City Workers.


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