Do Bill & Hillary Clinton Radicalize Muslims?

Eyes In The Northwest

This question needs to be asked…

Do Bill & Hillary Clinton Radicalize Muslims?

Or do they just knowingly hire them?

Well, Bill’s buddy Gehad el-Haddad sure finds himself in a bind or is that confined? Via the The INDEPENDENT Egyptian police arrest Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, Gehad El-Haddad .

Looking into activities, CCI’s seem to be all about breaking links and this makes one wonder what occurred
hmmwhen Slick Willy’s Clinton Climate Initiative instructions were distributed as the link

is not operating tonight, hmm?

This little gem is available though 280312haddad

And let us not forget Hillary and her ‘special’ Muslim friend Huma Abedin who radically married ‘so ready for slime time player’ and abject failure, Anthony Weiner. Huma’s work ethics, bedroom antics, and translation skills or lack thereof combined with Muslim Brotherhood Family Ties should cause any non-Muslim based government to pause and scream ‘BACKGROUND CHECK’!

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